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Currently, 23 African countries are affected by food shortages.

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According to the World Food Programme of the UN, 43 million Africans depend on food aid, 35 million of whom are on the verge of famine. Currently, 23 African countries are affected by food shortages in one way or another. The volatile climate explains part of this crisis, but factors such as poverty, aids, political instability and foreign debt are often the decisive factors.

Caritas International has emergency aid and reconstruction programmes throughout the African continent whether it is through our own programs or those initiated by organizations in the Caritas network. In addition, Caritas International has numerous development projects in Africa that strive to combat food insecurity.

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Caritas International Belgium Haoua’s Story

Haoua’s Story

Haoua is 40 years old and has six children. She lives in the village of Roumbouki in Niger. Haoua is in training to become a relay woman in her village…

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Caritas International Belgium Grace’s Story

Grace’s Story

“Every day, my biggest worry is being able to feed my five daughters,” explains Grace, a native of Yei in southern Sudan. “Life in Yei…

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