Family reunification is a basic right

Family reunification :


Family reunification is a basic right: people who have been awarded a residence permit in Belgium can be reunified with their child(ren) and/or partner who are living abroad. Caritas International and its partner in that area, the CAW Brabantia social service, aim to reunify families as quickly as possible by assisting and advising them in often complex, time-consuming and expensive procedures.

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Caritas International Belgium Marwane’s Story

Marwane’s Story

Marwane, 49, risked his life fleeing Syria. He arrived in Belgium hoping his wife and two sons would be able to join him soon after.…

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Caritas International Belgium Nizar’s story

Nizar’s story

A smuggler, a tight deadline, and survival. Those are the words that define Nizar’s family reunification journey. Waiting in the fear of never seeing his loved…

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