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Caritas International has been present in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1960 and has a representative office there that is as close as possible to the events on the ground. In the DRC, Caritas International works with and for its local partners to realize rehabilitation and emergency aid projects as well as sustainable development programs.

Constantly striving towards the empowerment of local populations, food security and emergency response preparedness constitute the two areas of expertise of Caritas international and its local partners, which are mainly diocesan Caritas organizations.

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Caritas International Belgium Kahindo’s story

Kahindo’s story

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Caritas International Belgium Solange’s Story

Solange’s Story

About 20 minutes from Brussels, take exit 8 on the E411, and a tiny paved road will lead you to the Logis de Louvranges, a veritable haven of peace. A…

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