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Our volunteers dedicate their talents to our projects both in the field and at our headquarters in Brussels by supporting asylum seekers and refugees at Caritas events.

An indispensable support

Volunteers are essential to Caritas. To date, hundreds of people, alongside Caritas, have committed to welcoming asylum-seekers. This quality support is motivated by a desire to help others.

Within Caritas, there are many different ways to be involved as a volunteer. Would you like to help refugees and asylum-seekers in Belgium? If yes, your support is possible via different projects.

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Complete this online form (only available in French or Dutch for the moment) and our team will keep you up to date on different projects close to you.

Support for refugees and asylum-seekers

Caritas is currently looking for volunteers to support and welcome refugees and asylum seekers. Would you like to help these populations?

There are many options:

  1. Helping refugees look for housing.

Caritas volunteers and integration coaches support refugees in their search for housing. A challenge for people not afraid to research real estate rental websites, contact proprietors, and to translate during the process.

2. Would you like to participate in a local or parish group?

Many communities have started local projects in order to welcome and integrate refugees. Caritas is ready to help provide you with tailored assistance and to support you in these citizen initiatives (training, support…). In the group, you can help with: looking for housing, welcoming people, and fundraising for projects supported by Caritas.

3. Do you want to serve at a reception center for those seeking asylum?

Some volunteers are active in the reception centers in Louvranges (a reception center specifically for women and single mothers in Wallonia), in Ransart (a collective reception center in Wallonia) and in Scherpenheuvel (a collective reception center in Flemish Brabant). Do you want to join these teams?

4. Become a partner proprietor!

Are you a proprietor of one or more housing accommodations? To help, you can also become a partner proprietor and rent your property to refugees! Getting the right housing is an essential first step needed to integrate into our society.

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5. Make a donation!

In order to best support these newly arrived refugees in their first experiences in Belgium, we need volunteers as well as monetary support. You can help.

Your donations are welcome on our bank account: BE88 0000 0000 4141. It is also possible to make an online donation. Your donations of 40 euros or more are financially deductible by Caritas International ASBL.


Does being a Caritas volunteer interest you? Complete this online form (only available in French and Dutch for the moment), contact us through volontaires-vrijwilligers@caritas.be or follow our Facebook page.

Many people are interested in volunteering; therefore, there may be a delay between when you receive news and when you contacted us. However, we will note all your questions and contact you as soon as possible.