Syria: it is not the time to abandon them

You too, share the journey of migrants and refugees


Caritas International comes to the aid of victims of violence, natural catastrophes, and poverty whether in their own country or on the run through our local, national, and international network.

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  • 19,834

    People entrusted us with their precious support in 2016 by making donations

  • 1,300,000

    Victims of the Syrian crisis were able to count on the support of the Caritas in network in 2016

  • 150

    Volunteers gave their time help migrants in 2016 in Belgium

Caritas International Belgium


Hundreds of volunteers say no to indifference to refugees in distress and are committed to Caritas International. And you, you want to work for the most vulnerable     ?

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What would we do without you and your generosity? Thanks to your gift can contribute to the fight against hunger, poverty and violence. Together we will give a second chance to people who need it most of your gift.

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