• Caritas International Belgium Concrete action plans

    As a citizen

    Make a direct difference with us in the domains of social justice and international solidarity by raising awareness among your family members, and by giving your time, for example, to facilitate access to housing and employment to those in need.

    Get involved
  • Caritas International Belgium Action plans

    As a consumer

    By consuming less, consuming more thoughtfully, recycling, and using second-hand goods, you reduce your environmental impact and support positive social and economic initiatives. Become a conscious consumer!

    Consume responsably
  • Caritas International Belgium Fundraising

    As an organizer

    Among friends or colleagues, with your school, your place of business or your parish, alone or as a family, let your imagination run wild to help the most vulnerable people in Belgium or abroad. From selling waffles to organizing a concert, anything is possible to support Caritas’s projects.

    Organize an event

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