Join forces with us to support hope, peace, and a bright future for victims of hunger, poverty, and violence. Together, many small streams can create a big river.

Your own event, a world of difference

Millions of people forced to walk the roads of exile. Thousands of earthquake victims. Families searching for shelter and protection in Belgium. With a donation, or with an activity organized with friends, family or colleagues, we can all do our part to help them.

We can all be fundraisers

What if you convinced five people to donate, let’s say, 40 euros to Caritas International? Thanks to tax refunds, their donation would only cost 22 euros, but that would amount to 200 euros in support of our work.

Unsure how to get people to donate? Ask us for wire transfer forms to distribute.

In your local community…

Many neighborhood associations and sports clubs have already taken action in support of Caritas. Bake sales, a charity night with a choir, spaghetti dinners, sponsored walks…these are just a few of the many examples of the ways that groups can support what we do.

Parishes can also get involved. Passing around a donation basket or soup sale after mass…anything is possible.

Looking for inspiration? Feel free to reach out to Stéphane Steyt at Caritas.

…or at work

More and more companies are organizing events in support of Caritas International. Sometimes simply by putting a donation box at the entrance, sometimes with a big breakfast, but always thanks to a team of motivated colleagues who give their time to help us. Sometimes, directors will even match however much is raised. Team up with some colleagues and support the work of Caritas International.

We’re active

It’s good to be active. It’s even better when it’s for a good cause. Do you have a marathon on the books for this year? Thinking about running the Dodentocht 100K, or biking around the world? Turn your actions into a fundraising event. Associate your athletic event with one of our projects and ask your family and friends to sponsor you.

Save up for Caritas International?

Saving a bit of money on the side can go a long way. Putting aside 10 euros each month would leave you with a nice pot of change at the end of the year. And what if the members of your housing association, your parish or your sports club did the same? What about a few colleagues? Or family members? Whether it be on your own or in a group, this would be a good way to raise money for Caritas International. If participants donate their savings directly, they would be entitled to a tax refund.

How does this work in practice?

Are you looking to organize a fundraising activity? Our colleague Stéphane Steyt is ready to help. He looks forward to your questions, ideas, and messages. If you like, we can also provide you with an “action pack” containing flyers, photos and all the information you need about the project you support.

Thank you