10,000 refugees look for an apartment. You are an owner? Your home is available? Do you know one? Become solidarity homeowner!

Asylum & Migration :


In Belgium Caritas International supports migrants by giving them a humane response that is in line with their migration process. Caritas International defends their rights and helps them look for solutions in Belgium or elsewhere. We focus on helping the most vulnerable people, without regard to nationality or gender, or political, philosophical or religious beliefs.


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  • 7.554

    asylum requests from Syrian people in Belgium in 2015

  • 1.322

    asylum request in Belgium in July 2016

  • 10.000

    recognized recognized refugees are looking for a place to live

Behind each figure, a story

Caritas International Belgium Marwane’s Story

Marwane’s Story

Marwane, 49, risked his life fleeing Syria. He arrived in Belgium hoping his wife and two sons would be able to join him soon after.…

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Caritas International Belgium Rahmat’s Story

Rahmat’s Story

Rahmat’s hospitality is immediately apparent. He serves us chips, speculoos, and a large packet of sugar for the tea he’s steeping directly in the kettle. Did he…

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Caritas International Belgium


Hundreds of volunteers say no to indifference to refugees in distress and are committed to Caritas International. And you, you want to work for the most vulnerable     ?

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