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The January 12, 2007 “reception law” provides a legal framework for reception so that applicants for international protection can obtain protection through the duration of their asylum process. Fedasil, the Federal Agency for Reception of Asylum Seekers (or applicants for international protection), designates housing accommodations based upon the individual’s level of vulnerability. Caritas specializes in the reception of applicants for international protection who are deemed “vulnerable”: single women with or without children, as well as any those in need of medical assistance. They live in adapted individual housing and are supported by our team. Caritas also manages two collective reception centers for families and individuals.

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Caritas International Belgium Valentine’s story

Valentine’s story

Since July 2018, Valentine[1], and her three children have lived in a studio at Logis de Louvranges, a shelter for vulnerable women with or without…

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Caritas International Belgium Shamim’s story

Shamim’s story

“A place that belongs to you. That’s yours.” That is how Shamim defines home. Born a refugee, stateless, he is part of the Bihari minority…

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Caritas International Belgium Zahra’s Story

Zahra’s Story

Zahra* is originally from Iraq. She crossed the Mediterranean with her four children to rejoin her husband, Zuher, who had left a few months earlier.…

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