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Solidarity is not just a word. Nothing is as strong as an enthusiastic group that works together towards a common goal. A lot of young people notice that very early on: among friends, in a youth movement, or at school. What if we could involve the youth to come together in the battle for equality and justice? For human rights? But, how do you do that and where do you begin?


Caritas International has collected a wealth of information and experience about what went wrong, small and large challenges, and local and international situations, but also about how we can contribute specifically to ideas and solutions by being well-organised. This also applies to how we can contribute to a better world with more justice by working with partners at home and abroad, and about the role young people can play in contributing towards that goal, even from Belgium.


Nos projets sont principalement dédiés aux élèves des 2ème et 3ème degrés de l’enseignement secondaire et à leurs enseignants, mais peuvent aussi convenir à un public extra-scolaire.


Caritas International informs and involves young people regarding major themes (asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, international partnerships, food security and justice) via workshops and campaigns. We assist school teams via coaching (as part of the course) and further education (customised for each individual). We also provide supplemental teaching materials to secondary school teachers.

Nos projets

Thématiques migrations, demandeurs d’asile et réfugiés :

  • Ateliers dans vos classes : « Between 2 worlds »
  • Action : « Noël en exil » – solidarité envers les jeunes réfugiés syriens au Liban grâce à l’écriture d’une lettre
  • Accompagnements de projets d’école (à venir)
  • Outils pédagogiques : “Noël en exil”
  • Formations pour les enseignants (à venir)


Thématique coopération internationale :

  • Outil pédagogique :  « Umurima » – web-documentaire sur les coopératives agricoles et la sécurité alimentaire

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