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The Middle East has been in the spotlight for many years now, especially the prevailing conflicts and their global consequences. There is still no solution in sight for the Israeli Palestinian conflict, while the occupation and the violence continue on. The civil war in Syria that has been going on for more than 5 years has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. More than half of the population have been forced to flee, in their own country or abroad (mainly spread over Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, all three countries that are on the verge of collapse). Weapons trade is thriving, despite the fact that only diplomatic solutions can give hope to the people.

In this unseen situation, the local Caritas organisations are making every effort to provide the necessary humanitarian aid with the support of the global network. They are focusing on the most vulnerable people without any discrimination. We are future-oriented in our work. We encourage the refugees and the host communities to send their children to school in order to prevent the emergence of a lost generation. Further, we continue to plead for solutions through communication and mutual agreements.

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Caritas International Belgium Ibrahim’s story *

Ibrahim’s story *

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Caritas International Belgium Fatima’s story*

Fatima’s story*

In the Palestinian province of Jenin (West Bank), unemployment is high and food insecurity is even greater. In this difficult economic circumstance, Caritas stands with…

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Nizar’s story

A smuggler, a tight deadline, and survival. Those are the words that define Nizar’s family reunification journey. Waiting in the fear of never seeing his loved…

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