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In the 1990s, the dissolution of the communist bloc in Europe, as well as the subsequent economic and political transition, plunged millions into poverty. This forms the basis of Caritas International’s mission in this region of the world. Currently, our projects continue in Kosovo, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary objective of our programs is to improve the living conditions of the rural population by supporting small businesses. We also assist our local partners become true agents of change. Although catastrophes and crises of greater magnitude occur on other continents, Europe is not spared either from earthquakes (in Italy), floods (in Bosnia and Serbia), conflicts (in Ukraine), migration flows (the Balkan Route), etc. In such cases, countries closer to home can also count on our support.

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Caritas International Belgium Evgeni’s story

Evgeni’s story

Evgeni arrived in Belgium in September of 2014 following the military conflict in Ukraine. He applied for international protection in Belgium with plans to quickly…

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Caritas International Belgium Igor’s Story

Igor’s Story

When in 2014, Igor migrated to France, his family in Ukraine supported his great expectations. He would probably find work in the area and be able…

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Caritas International Belgium

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