The civil war that is tearing Syria apart is in its 9th year.

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Now in its 9th year, the civil war that is tearing Syria apart has left hundreds of thousands dead and has led to the displacement of about half of the population. Hand in hand with local Caritas offices, we bring specialized aid to the Caritas “Littoral” team, which is working in the coastal region of Tartus, which has been relatively spared from violence but has taken in a large number of displaced refugees originating notably from Homs and Aleppo. The most urgent needs that Caritas must meet are assistance with food and hygiene products, financial assistance to pay rent, and surgery costs.

At an international level, the Caritas confederation is engaged in advocacy to bring about the successful conclusion of a diplomatic process, the only initiative that can restore peace and renew hopes.

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Nizar’s story

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