The civil war that is tearing Syria apart is in its seventh year.



The civil war that is tearing Syria apart is in its seventh year. The sad result: hundreds of thousands of deaths and the displacement of approximately half of its population, 8 million people who have taken it upon themselves to look for safer places in Syria, and 5 million refugees abroad (mainly Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan).
Caritas Syria is helping the displaced people (and the host communities that are also inevitably suffering from the crisis). They treat everyone equally, regardless of their political or religious background. Together with other members of the Caritas Network we mainly support the teams that are working in the coastal region. Tartus and the coastal area have been spared from most of the violence thus far. The region takes on a large number of internal refugees from Homs and Aleppo. Their greatest needs are mainly food and hygiene. Caritas gives vouchers where possible that people can spend on what they need. Caritas also assists in the costs of rent and in medical interventions.
At the international level, the Caritas Confederation is involved in drawing attention to the plight of the Syrians and to advocate for a diplomatic means to end the conflict: the only way that can bring about new hope and long-term peace:

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