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Economic globalisation and liberalization have resulted in a higher standard of living in Asia. However, at the same time, the differences are increasing along with social inequality. For that reason, the Caritas Network partners with the local Caritas organisations to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups. Through activities that generate income, practical education, and company training courses we teach marginalized groups how they can demand their rights and become more independent.

The past few years Asia has been struck by successive natural disasters. Millions of people have had to leave their homes in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar and the Philippines. The Caritas Network got involved each time right away with emergency aid and reconstruction projects. Recently Caritas International set up an emergency aid campaign with its network for 350,000 victims from Nepal.

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Caritas International Belgium School Reconstruction Program

School Reconstruction Program

Through this project, Caritas International and it partners hope to provide safe and child-friendly school environments for students, teachers and school management committees in 34…

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