Emergency aid & development :


Together we focus all our resources on dramatically improving the lives of those who are most vulnerable. In collaboration with our partners, donors and supporters we give hope to victims of conflicts, natural disasters and poverty in all corners of the globe. After providing emergency aid, we continue with reconstruction and development projects.


We are the point of contact for Belgium in a global network where employees and volunteers of local Caritas organisations can be called upon immediately in case of a crisis. We give victims a chance to rebuild a decent and sustainable life.

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Approximately 800 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition. Caritas International, its partners, farmers organisations and agricultural associations join forces every day in the fight against famine and poverty.

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The largest disasters often affect the most vulnerable communities. Reducing and preventing risk are essential in Caritas projects in order to strengthen communities.

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Caritas International belongs to a global network of more than 160 organisations that are present in 200 countries. We reach more than 60 million people each year. These strong roots between all local and national organisations enable us to provide fast, efficient, well-coordinated and long-term help. In Belgium Caritas International carries out its mission [VE2] in line with its partners and umbrella organisations.

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  • 40%

    of the 18-30 year olds are ready to commit to a more just society

  • 12.378.565 €

    were directly invested in international aid by Caritas International in 2014

  • 10

    severe natural disasters have occurred around the world in 2014

Behind each figure, a story

Caritas International Belgium Nizar’s story

Nizar’s story

A smuggler, a tight deadline, and survival. Those are the words that define Nizar’s family reunification journey. Waiting in the fear of never seeing his loved…

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Caritas International Belgium Zahra’s Story

Zahra’s Story

Zahra* is originally from Iraq. She crossed the Mediterranean with her four children to rejoin her husband, Zuher, who had left a few months earlier.…

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