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Emergency aid & development :


Worldwide victims of conflict, catastrophe, and poverty can count on our assistance. In addition to emergency response, we also implement rehabilitation and development projects. One of our objectives is to drastically improve the lives of the most vulnerable.


    As the Belgian link in a global network, Caritas International is able to rapidly and effectively respond in cases of emergency and to give crisis victims the opportunity to rebuild a dignified life in a sustainable way.

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    About 800 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition. Caritas International, its partners, and local communities come together each day to combat hunger and poverty.

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  • Risk Reduction and Prevention

    The greatest disasters often strike already destabilized communities. Disaster impact reduction and prevention are essential components in the development of Caritas’ projects. We promote the establishment of more resilient communities.

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    Caritas International is part of a global network of organizations present in 200 countries. In Belgium, we carry out our mission in close collaboration with our partners. These strong national and local connections enable us to react quickly, efficiently, and in a coordinated and sustainable manner.

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Dans le monde


23 African countries are currently facing food shortages. This is why Caritas takes part in emergency response, reconstruction, and development programs. The priority of these initiatives is to combat food insecurity.

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In the last few years, Caritas International and the Caritas network have focused their attention primarily on Haiti. In the beginning of 2010, an earthquake devastated a large part of the country.

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In the 90’s, the dissolution of the communist bloc in Central and Eastern Europe, and the economic and political transition that followed plunged millions into poverty. Since then, Caritas International has intervened in the region with a singular focus: improving the living conditions of rural communities.

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Middle East

The Middle East as been the focus of the news for years and the conflicts that have taken place there have had global repercussions. Caritas is implementing essential humanitarian aid programs as well as education programs for children in the region. We are also working to restore peace through advocacy campaigns.

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