Protecting and respecting your privacy

Caritas International Belgium Protecting and respecting your privacy

Isabel Corthier

Isabel Corthier


The protection of your data has always been of great importance to Caritas and we have no intention whatsoever of changing that. In addition to the legal provisions, we have been working for many years already to manage your data in an ethical and transparent way.

As an organisation of international solidarity, Caritas is concerned with the protection of migrants and refugees, but not just that… we also ensure respect for the rights of our contributors, supporters and employees: Caritas’ driving forces.


In an effort to achieve total transparency, we have put 12 privacy policies in writing, depending on the context in which the data was collected. They clarify your rights according to the new privacy legislation of the European Union (the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) and explain how to enforce them.

We do indeed everything we can to make you feel safe during your visit to this website and in contact with our staff.


It is very easy to exercise your rights and go through the privacy policies. We have created a specific URL where you can consult our privacy policy and where you have the opportunity to submit possible questions by means of a customized form:

In order to assemble your requests, we have also appointed someone who is responsible for the protection of personal data. He is at your disposal for all questions or comments by e-mail ( or by post.


By means of not only our three-monthly magazine and our website, but also our social media and newsletters, we regularly inform you about projects that we have been able to realize with your help. Once a year we publish an annual report on financial and operational data. These statistics are also to be found on various portals such as the Belgian Association for Ethics in Fundraising (in Dutch abbreviated to VEF), NGO-openboek and Donorinfo –free information platforms for charitable organisations of which we are a member. These agencies systematically examine whether we are meeting our commitments as well as whether we are auditing and revising our accounts.


We would like to use this update to thank you for your support. It gives us energy and legitimacy to keep standing alongside the victims of violence, natural disasters and poverty. Without your support, Caritas cannot exist. Thank you for joining us in building a better world, a world of peace, solidarity and justice, in which the dignity of every person is a fundamental value.


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