Louvranges: Follow-up and support

Caritas International Belgium Louvranges: Follow-up and support

Isabel Corthier

Isabel Corthier



Louvranges Housing, a reception center solely for women and mothers seeking asylum


Louvranges, Wavre, Belgium


Project started in 2010


Louvranges Housing has 21 individual and family apartments


Offer decent housing to women, often mothers, during their asylum procedure. More than a roof over their heads, the project affords women the ability to lean on a structure that gives them access to psychosocial and legal follow-ups.

Regaining Serenity

In order to progressively lead these women to their autonomy, this housing links the individual structure of the housing (which is indispensable with respects to private and family life) to life in a community by offering moments for exchanges and meetings as well as fun and educational workshops.

Wednesday afternoons, children can participate in activities specifically designed for them; moreover, they enjoy daily school support. On their side, mothers learn to sew, knit, and speak or perfect their French. Information sessions (with a translation team) are also organized around subjects as diverse as waste sorting and healthy eating.

Little by little, these moments of relaxation and learning allow them to leave their solitude, regain serenity, and to develop social relationships all while starting their integration process.

Caritas International Belgium Louvranges: Follow-up and support
A moment of relaxation at Louvranges

Follow-up and Support

To ensure the daily management of the Louvranges housing and to guarantee psychosocial and legal follow-ups of residents, a professional team has been established. Moreover, this project partially relies on the work of volunteers who for the most part come from the neighborhood.

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