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Caritas International Belgium Becoming a Caritas volunteer

Remaining indifferent in the face of the current asylum crisis is not an option. We work hard to do our part and make our contribution. As a volunteer, you can also contribute to the effort by encouraging the warm reception and integration of refugees.

As a volunteer, you support the missions Caritas has taken on. Volunteers can use their talents in different ways: at headquarters in Brussels, as resources for asylum seekers during the process, for recognized refugees, or in other meetings.


Volunteer work at Caritas is voluntary but not without commitment. Importantly, volunteer work entails tasks with clear guidance supported by a team dedicated to volunteering. It offers human proximity and compassion as a remedy for indifference. It is enriching, inspiring, precious, and indispensable.

What can I do ?

As a volunteer, it is possible to assist asylum seekers in two ways. On one hand, we are looking for volunteers who wish to support the collective reception centers: activities for children and young people, organizing sports activities, homework assistance, and school activities are projects that volunteers can take care of in the reception centers.

On the other hand, we are also looking for volunteers who can support asylum seekers in individual hosting initiatives.

Recognized refugees also often need help because after the asylum procedure, integration into a new environment begins immediately. The search for housing, contact with the owner, accompaniment with work, guidance in the city or in the community, and contact with local organizations or youth movements are some example tasks that are possible to offer support as a volunteer.


Does being involved with Caritas Volunteering interest you? Contact us via or follow us on our Facebook page.

Many people are interested in volunteering. Therefore, please be patient as it may take a little while before you receive news from us. We record all questions and will contact you as soon as possible.

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