Family reunification: Where to start?

Caritas International Belgium Family reunification: Where to start?

© Isabel Corthier

© Isabel Corthier


The family reunification process is pretty complex and varies considerably from one situation to another. Here you will find the different ways to begin this process, as well as useful resources to help you.

Corona update

In response to the risks posed by the Coronavirus pandemic and the current containment measures, Caritas International’s operations are adapting.

Looking for information on family reunification? Do you have any questions? We can be reached by phone (02 229 36 11), via the form below or by e-mail (

Are you already affiliated with Caritas and have questions? We remain at your disposal. There are three options available to you: you can call your social worker, contact us by phone at 02/229.36.11 or by e-mail at

The steps

Step 1: Attend an information session

To start, we invite you to attend one of our information sessions conducted in French. There, you can obtain more information about the general conditions for family reunification, and all of its practical aspects. Everyone who speaks French is welcome at these sessions. Make an appointment with us Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 am and 1:30 to 3:30 pm at our offices in Brussels (Rue de la Charité 43, 1210 Brussels).

Step 2: Individual support

If you aren’t yet recipients of assistance, you can also contact Caritas to obtain individual support. Please fill out the form below to sign up.

Caritas International Belgium Family reunification: Where to start?


I want individual support
Is this your first contact with Caritas? If so, make an appointment via the form below. Also, go through this form for your individual support request after attending an information session with us.

Your details

Contact of your guardian (if you're not 18 years yet)

Your profile

Did you attend an information session at Caritas?
For example: recognized refugee, subsidiary protection, Belgian, EU citizen,...
Who do you want to be with and where are your family members now? Give their relationship, age and country (for example: 14-year-old girl, Burundi).

Any other remarks?

Do you have any other information or remarks that you would like to share?




Filling out your visa application online can prove difficult. In this video, Marie, our social worker explains how. To the right of the video is a screenshot that explains where to find your file number. Click on the image to enlarge it.

How to fill out your visa application online

How to find your file number

Caritas International Belgium Family reunification: Where to start?

Useful links

Looking for more information? These sites can help!

  • General information about family reunification is available on the Immigration Office and Myria websites.
  • You can get updates about the status of your application on this site.
  • You can find information about Belgian embassies and consulates abroad at this site.

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