Voluntary return in 2016

Caritas International Belgium Voluntary return in 2016

The amount of people who returned to their country of origin with support of Caritas International increases again in 2016. The list of countries of return is topped by Ukraine, Brazil and Georgia. Discover more about voluntary return in 2016.

During their stay in Belgium, special circumstances lead some migrants or (ex-) asylum seekers to consider returning to their country of origin. To ensure a dignified return, it is necessary to adequately prepare for departure.

Preparing a dignified return

Voluntary return is becoming increasingly important in Belgian migration policies. Accompaniment in preparation for return is essential. That is why it is crucial for us to take the time to prepare candidates for return, to support them so that they can, among other things, mourn their migration project in Belgium.

In 2016, the front-line social service supported 773 people, or 590 cases of voluntary return. 451 files actually resulted in a departure. Most of the returnees are from Ukraine, Brazil, Georgia, Russia, and Algeria.

Increased support for reintegration

For Caritas International, support does not stop at the border. We always focus on post-return reintegration.

In 2016, support for reintegration increased: 551 people (370 cases) returned with support for reintegration. Out of 370, 128 files were transferred to the reintegration cell by the social service.

Caritas International Belgium Voluntary return in 2016

“This trend began in October 2015,” said Hermien Wittouck, coordinator of the reintegration after return cell. “More people have returned to Iraq and more people have ended their stay in Belgium during the proceedings.”

With the support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Towards a more integrated migration policy, thanks to AMIF.
Caritas International Belgium Voluntary return in 2016

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