Lessons from ERSO SURE: focus on vulnerability

Caritas International Belgium Lessons from ERSO SURE: focus on vulnerability

ERSO SURE, a joint project between NGOs from Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria and Greece, started in November 2012 and came to an end at the end of April 2014. The aim of the ERSO SURE project was to provide additional support for vulnerable people who decided to return voluntarily to Mongolia, Iraq or Pakistan. By combining the expertise of the different NGOs, the knowledge about the preparation and the assistance of reintegration could be developed and transformed into a manual.

The ERSO members analyzed the reintegration possibilities in collaboration with the local partner organizations in the identified Asian countries to respond better to the specific needs and challenges before as well as after return. The reintegration assistance for a single Pakistani woman requires a different approach than for a traumatized man returning to Iraq after a long stay in Europe. It is therefore crucial to analyse their needs in order to assist them correctly. This can be done by looking for the availability of medication in the home country, by contacting a doctor or psychiatrist, by consulting the family in the country of origin, etc. In countries where psychological problems or children outside marriage are still taboo, it is absolutely necessary for European organizations to be aware of the reality and be available to offer assistance to the person after their return, which is now offered by our local partner organizations. During the project, a method was developed that can be used in the future to further examine the vulnerabilities per country and to assure tailor-made assistance.

The manual can be consulted on www.erso-project.eu.

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