Support to small-scale farmers in South Sudan and refugees in Uganda

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In December 2013, violence spread across the north and east of South Sudan after President Kiir accused Vice President Machar of plotting a coup d’état. Conflict intensified, and inter-community tensions rose, with the allies of President Kiir, the Dinka, on one side and the allies of Vice president Machar, the Nuer, on the other.

A cease-fire was signed in August 2015, and a transition government was created in April 2016. Clashes among government and opposition forces have continued and have become more frequent in the south of the country. Violence continues, and market instability and crop failures have led to record prices in the food sector. Instability has spread to once stable areas and thousands have fled to neighboring countries.

Caritas International supports small-scale farmers in South Sudan and refugees in Uganda through its own funding and with funds provided by the Swiss government.

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Grace’s Story

“Every day, my biggest worry is being able to feed my five daughters,” explains Grace, a native of Yei in southern Sudan. “Life in Yei…

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