Cyclone Kenneth: A second cyclone strikes Mozambique

Caritas International Belgium Cyclone Kenneth: A second cyclone strikes Mozambique

Caritas - Damages from Cyclone Idai

Caritas - Damages from Cyclone Idai


Just six weeks after the devastating passage of Cyclone Idai, Mozambique has been struck by another natural disaster. Cyclone Kenneth raged across the ocean with windspeeds up to 200km/hr. It made landfall on the north coast (Cabo Delgado) Thursday night.

The cyclone was weakened when it reached the coast but continues to advance as a tropical storm. Local authorities expect torrential downfalls until Monday, at the earliest. The situation on the ground is especially critical in Macomia and Ibo. Trees there have been toppled, and homes and other buildings have sustained damages. Further complicating communications, electricity has been cut off on the small island of Ibo, which is situated to the east of Qirimbas National Park. We are currently without news from other potentially affected regions.

Emergency Centers

In the northern province of Cabo Delgado, Caritas Pemba had been preparing for a new climate disaster, notably by evacuating residents to schools and churches. However, these temporary shelters are lacking food and drinking water. Other urgent needs include tent canvasses, cooking utensils and water purification tablets.

Volunteers in different areas within the province are in constant communication with Caritas Pemba in order to monitor the situation, but certain areas have not yet been heard from. The director of Caritas Pemba adds that strong winds have been present in Pemba since the morning. “Weather systems indicate that the cyclone has passed, but I worry we might not have seen the end of it,” she says, fearing that Kenneth could return after it goes back out to sea, as was the case with Cyclone Idai.

Aid continues after Idai

Cyclone Kenneth struck the north of Mozambique. Idai hit the center of the country, devastating the town of Beira. Caritas continues to support the survivors of Cyclone Idai. 4,550 people have received food aid from Caritas Beira and 2,124 families have been lodged in emergency centers. Caritas Quelimane provided tent canvases, ropes, and hygiene and food kits to 4,985 people.

Mozambique is slowly recovering from the impact of Idai and is once again facing a major natural disaster. You can help those affected by making a donation. Thank you.

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