Cyclone Idai: An Update from Mozambique

Caritas International Belgium Cyclone Idai: An Update from Mozambique

© Caroline Brennan/Caritas - Areas inaccessible by road receive food aid by boat.

© Caroline Brennan/Caritas - Areas inaccessible by road receive food aid by boat.


“People are sleeping standing up because there’s not enough space,” Rita Farriya says, sitting in the shade of a tree at Muda-Mufo in Nhamatanda District. She took refuge here after cyclone Idai destroyed her home. “We came here after the first day of flooding. The roof of our house was blown away by the storm. We don’t have any other clothes. Actually, we have nothing left.”

More than 11,000 homes and 711,000 hectares of agricultural land have been destroyed or flooded by Cyclone Idai. 518 have been confirmed dead, and over 1,000 are showing symptoms of cholera. The situation is critical in Mozambique, but the Caritas network is working around the clock to assist the survivors.

Food distribution for more than 2,000 families

Caritas Beira is distributing food aid to 1,940 affected families. These packages contain:

  • 2 liters of oil
  • 3 kg of sugar
  • 25 kg of rice
  • 7 kg of beans
  • 1 kg of salt
  • Soap
Example of a food kit

In Beira, 650 families have already received packages, and 100 packages have also been distributed in the district of Caia. In Zambezia province, 200 families have received food from Caritas Quelimane. Caritas Chimoio has distributed emergency food aid to three schools in the Dombe district.

Schools where you can learn and live

“When I got to the school, it was worse than I feared. There was so much water! We panicked. The classrooms were flooded. Where would the students sit?” Veronica Mavundo is a teacher. Her school was destroyed, but she hopes to continue teaching despite the challenges. “It’s difficult to teach outside. We won’t have our blackboards, our maps, our clipboards—the materials we have as teachers. They were under water and destroyed. But, it is a new experience we have to face.”

Muda-Mufo School in the district of Nhamatanda.

Schools also serve as care centers for those whose homes have been destroyed, such as Antonio Fernando, 30, and the father of 3 children. “Some people could swim, but the floods led to a heavy flow of water and it took people and things away – and people were also not expecting this,” he says.

“Staying out of the water was very difficult. A lot of people slept in trees. My home disappeared. So many people have lost their homes here. We don’t have anywhere to go, and no food.”

Antonio Fernando, Cyclone Idai survivor.

Your donations are making a difference

The Caritas network is doing everything it can to help as many people as possible. That’s why we need your help! Make a donation online or using bank number BE 88 0000 0000 4141 with the message “Idai”. In making a donation, you, too, can come to the assistance of Antonio, Veronica, Rita, and so many other survivors of Cyclone Idai.

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