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Isabel Corthier - Nepal, a year after the earthquake.

Isabel Corthier - Nepal, a year after the earthquake.


Caritas International is registered on Donorinfo. But what does this mean? What does Donorinfo do and what can it do for you?

Donorinfo is an independent organisation who wants to help potential donors to understand the finances of charities. It isn’t a membership organisation and is in no way linked to the organisations mentioned on


Caritas chose to let Donorinfo check her bills and activity. Transparency is very important to you and to us too. That way we can show that your donations are put to good use, and you can donate with an easy conscience.

On the website of Donorinfo you can find our costs and proceeds in detail but also different information such as the members of our board of directors or the number of volunteers. We also make this info available in our annual report.

Each year an auditor checks our bills. Donorinfo then analyses the bills and processes the analysis into a report that is published on their website. In this report you can compare charities and some trends are indicated


We don’t just share our financial information through Donorinfo, but we also communicate about our project that were realised with and thanks to you. We do this with our quarterly magazine and this website, but also through our social media and newsletters. Once a year we also publish an annual report with financial and operational information. This data is also available on different platforms, such as Donorinfo.

We do everything possible to protect your privacy by handling your data in an ethical and transparent way.


If you want to learn more, you can do this as follows:

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