Empowerment in a world on the move in Haiti

Caritas International Belgium Empowerment in a world on the move in Haiti

© Secours Catholique/Elodie Perriot

© Secours Catholique/Elodie Perriot



5 years. From 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2021


Bonbon, Dumont, Calumette, Cornillon

Local partners:

Diocesan Cartias Jérémie, Diocesan Cartias des Cayes, Diocesan Cartias Jacmel, Diocesan Cartias Port-au-Prince


€ 1,531,200 (80% DGD)

Caritas funds:

€ 306,240

Context: A project involving 7 countries

As part of this five-year project funded by the Belgian Directorate-General of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD), Caritas International is striving for solidarity, dignity, and resilience. The project is spread across 7 countries, including Haiti. Its key themes are nutritional and food security, migration, and development. The project was developed both on the basis of the main concerns of communities in the countries in question and by identifying possible areas of collaboration with other partners.

Objective: Food and nutritional security

This project focuses on improving the food and nutritional security of 765 rural, at-risk families in the departments of Grand’Anse, Sud, Sud-Est, and Ouest.


Various actions are being undertaken as part of this project in order to:

  • Improve sustainable livestock, fishing, and farming practices with the goal of promoting more nutritious food production and reducing vulnerability to natural disasters.
  • Promote the storing, processing, and commercialization of agricultural and fishing products.
  • Promote rainwater storage, nutritional education, hygiene, and school gardens so that families can adopt better food and hygiene habits.
  • Reinforce the skills of local organizations so that communities can better defend their rights and independently make decisions about the proper management of the community.

With the support of the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. – DGD

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