Photography Contest: Join us for a fieldtrip!

Caritas International Belgium Photography Contest: Join us for a fieldtrip!

© Isabel Corthier - The key to a human and photographic experience

© Isabel Corthier - The key to a human and photographic experience


Wherever you go, your camera is never far away? Capturing the world fascinates you? Are you interested in the topic of migration and development? We have what you are looking for! Caritas International invites you to participate in its photography contest. The awards: a trip abroad, photographic equipment, opportunities to exhibit and much more…

The rules

The rules are simple. You are…

  • at least 18 years old on December 31, 2019;
  • passionate about photography.


Are you still with us?

Then, send us a series of three to six photos on the theme “Stronger societies through migration” by December 31, 2019. Each photo, as well as the series, should be accompanied by a short text (details in the contest rules). The theme can be interpreted broadly: arts, culture, society, economy, politics, etc.

A multitude of prizes

In February 2020, a jury of professional photographers will select 12 finalists. The first one will receive the jury award. The 11 remaining finalists will be in the running for the public award. Caritas International will publish their photo series on its Instagram account (@caritasintbe). After 10 days of voting, the serie with the most ‘likes’ wins the public award.

The 12 finalists will receive personal feedback from the jury (professional photographers). Their pictures might be chosen to be featured in a mobile exhibition in 2020. Some finalists will then also receive one or more qualitative prints of their work.

Eager to participate?

Take your chance! Send us your photos before December 31, 2019 at 23h59 via the form below.

You need some help? Have a look at our study “A Common Home: Migration and Development in Belgium”.

All the details can be found in the contest rules. Do you have any questions remaining? Feel free to contact us via e-mail to Don’t hesitate to follow our Facebook event on the contest: “Concours photo – fotowedstrijd – photocontest”.


Submit your pictures

Personal information

The series and its photos

Upload the photos

We would like to ask you to name your files in an identical way. This by mentioning first the date of submission, then the title of the serie and lastly the name of the photo. Each of these elements separated by an underscore. As an example: 191030_The eye of migration_the sun
Upload of the files
Click HERE to upload your files
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
If you wish to send your photos via WeTransfer, we would like to ask you to email these to with the form added. Or you can give us the link to download the files:

Engagements by submitting your projects

I have read and accept the contest rules. *
I declare to be the author of the submitted photos *
I declare that the people mentioned or represented in the project have given their explicit agreement to appear in the project. *
I declare that the content of this project is free of rights and I accept that the project might be diffused by Caritas and its partners *


Privacy *

This contest is organised in the framework of the MIND project, which receives financial support from the programme for sensibilisation and development education of the European Union (DEAR). The content of this contest is under the sole responsibility of Caritas International and does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union. 

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