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Isabel Corthier - The Caritas code of ethics, a mandatory step

Isabel Corthier - The Caritas code of ethics, a mandatory step


Working with Caritas as a volunteer, partner or employee is a commitment to act ethically and with integrity in all circumstances while respecting the values of our global network. This commitment is expressed on a daily basis, towards those accompanied by Caritas in Belgium and elsewhere, the institutions and donors who trust us.

The Caritas charter of ethics recalls the expected attitude and behavior of anyone related to our organization. By taking the time to read and to understand the charter and the documents, which are listed below, it will allow you to identify and report any possible form of breach of integrity (abuse, fraud, corruption).

This charter is the subject of training and exchange modules within the Caritas teams, with its volunteers and partners. If you are a new volunteer or partner at Caritas, you will be invited as soon as possible.


A warning device has been put in place at various levels, which are described below, to allow everyone to be involved in the prevention of risks related to possible noncompliance with the charter of ethics or its annexes. For example, this mechanism may be used to report: suspected theft or fraud, failure to comply with a legal or moral obligation, danger to the health and security of individuals, danger for the environment, deliberate concealment of information, abusive sexual exploitation or behavior, abuse or exploitations of minors.


In case of doubt about the interpretation of the charter of ethics and its related annexes, the right conduct to adopt, or the application of these rules to a particular situation, contact the Caritas integrity manager via email ( or phone (+32 476 47 23 23).

If you observe or suspect a breach of the charter of ethics or any breach of integrity, please contact:

  • Your reference person at Caritas or the department head
  • You can also send an email to or call the following number  +32 476 47 23 23. A member of our Board of Directors (FR) and a member of our General Assembly (NL) are in charge of those, this guarantees the anonymous treatment of any interpellation, internal and external. Complaints deemed admissible shall be placed in the register of complaints and shall be the subject of a discreet and appropriate examination; related information is only disclosed to persons and bodies with a legitimate reason to access it and/or where required by law.

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