Caritas International, a member of the AERF

Caritas International Belgium Caritas International, a member of the AERF

© Isabel Corthier / Caritas International

© Isabel Corthier / Caritas International


On our website, in our magazine, and in our letters, you may have already read that Caritas adheres to the code of ethics of the AERF, but what does that actually mean for you and for us?

The Association for Ethical Fundraising (AERF) is an organization that aims to increase transparency and ensure proper conduct on the part of NGOs in their relationships with their donors. Caritas International has been a member of the AERF for several years and has a representative on the Board of Directors.

How does the AERF work?

The AERF has notably created a code of ethics to which all its members adhere. The code deals with a number of aspects concerning the public in areas where the law does not intervene, including:

  • The documents and publicity necessary to guarantee account transparency;
  • Transparency in the use of funds and respect for donors’ wishes;
  • Messaging quality and consideration for human dignity;
  • Respect for privacy;
  • Relations with others.

For our donors, this is realized in concrete terms as the right to quality information and data protection (also a goal of the GDPR). In addition, the AERF obliges its members to inform it annually of the use of collected funds.

Treating your generosity with transparency and security

Far from limiting ourselves by the obligation of informing you just once a year, we regularly communicate about the projects realized with and thanks to you via our quarterly magazine, this website, social media, and newsletters. Once a year, we publish an annual report concerning our financial and operational data. These data are also available on different platforms, including that of the AERF.

We do everything in our power to protect your privacy by handling your data ethically, and with transparency.

Also, know that every year AERF members are obligated to provide a series of strictly monitored documents. Members that do not respect these commitments are expelled from the AERF.

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