Calais – “We are very worried for minors”

Caritas International Belgium Calais – “We are very worried for minors”

The dismantling of the “jungle” in Calais began this morning much to the dismay of the associations present in the field – including Caritas France – who advocate a gradual closure of the slum, taking time to find a lasting solution for the migrants who live there and who worry about the fate of the 1,300 miners listed in Calais. Three questions to Bernard Thibaud, Secretary General of Catholic Relief – Caritas France.

What are your fears in this moment?

“No relocation solution was possible for those who will refuse or leave the Reception and Referral Centers (CAOs) quickly. This lack of solution, the effects of which we are already seeing with the departure of people to other places of passage, will inevitably lead to the emergence of even more precarious shanty towns.
Secondly, we are particularly concerned about the situation of single foreign children. There are about 1,300 minors in Calais, of whom nearly 500 should go to England because they have family in Great Britain. The French government is collaborating with England on these subjects but taking into account and protection of all the minors present is indispensable. ”

Are you not against dismantling?

“As soon as the rights of people are respected, we are not against it. On the other hand, we want it to be done gradually to be attentive to the situations of each individual. And we are basically against the planned dismantling of perennial facilities: the temporary reception center and the Jules Ferry Center, which are still indispensable for migrants in Calais. “

What do you promote?

“Maintain, in Calais, a dignified reception system for those who are the most fragile and dismantle, in a progressive way, with respect for dignity and not an operation “everyone on the bus, shave everything, and everything is settled,” but a virtuous circle. It is estimated that between one-third and one-half of the inhabitants of the slum may be ready to seek asylum in France. If others find that it is going well, it can give them the idea of giving up on England, and then, with 4,000 fewer people, it’s simpler to look at each individual’s situation. “

With the immigrants, in the new "jungle"

Report released in September 2015:

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