Empowerment in a world on the move in Belgium

Caritas International Belgium Empowerment in a world on the move in Belgium

© Caritas - Information session at UCL

© Caritas - Information session at UCL





€ 1,107,494.18 (80% DGD)


5 years. From 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2021


Commission Justice et Paix (CJP)

Caritas funds:

€ 221,498.836

Context: A project involving 7 countries

As part of this five-year project funded by the Belgian Directorate-General of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD), Caritas International is striving for solidarity, dignity, and resilience. The project is spread across 7 countries, including Belgium. Its key themes are nutritional and food security, as well as migration and development. The project was developed both on the basis of the main concerns of the populations of the countries in question and by identifying possible areas of collaboration with other partners.

Objective: Raising awareness

We are hoping to raise awareness among the Belgian population to provide Belgians with the tools to be engaged and work towards a sustainable, inclusive and responsible society.

Here are the different themes:

  • The connection between migration and development
  • The use and exploitation of raw natural materials
  • Democracy
  • Coexistence

Actions: Education and Advocacy

The project is made up of various components:

  • Raising the general public’s awareness through the press and digital media
  • Reinforcing educational impact through participation in group work, platforms, and training courses for umbrella organizations
  • Training for teachers and the development of teaching materials to raise awareness in schools
  • Development of policy recommendations, contact with politicians, participation and coordination of networks of organizations in Belgium and in Europe to raise awareness among Belgian and European political figures

Target audience: The general public, schools and policy makers

We hope to reach 120,481 Belgians within the fields of media and education, and within Belgian and European politics.

With the support of the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid – DGD

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