Launch of the Global Campaign: “Share the Journey”

Caritas International Belgium Launch of the Global Campaign: “Share the Journey”

This morning in Rome, Pope Francis launched the global campaign “Share the Journey” with the Caritas network. Given the occasion of a general audience, the Pope challenged the international community to “welcome refugees and migrants with open arms and to share their journey and sufferings.”

Launch by Pope Francis

“Do not be afraid to share the journey, do not be afraid of hope.” It is with these words that Pope Francis officially launched the new global campaign of the Caritas network in front of the general audience on September 27. “Share the Journey” is a two-year advocacy and awareness-raising campaign to strengthen relations between migrants, refugees, and welcoming communities around the world. The campaign’s central themes are migration and encounters.

Share the Journey

The objective of “Share the Journey” is to promote a culture of encounters. During these next two years, Caritas will facilitate thousands of awareness-raising events and encounters between the migrants and refugees that Caritas supports and the welcoming communities. This is to reaffirm the rights of migrant people and offer a new narrative around this fundamental issue of global solidarity.


As of today, hundreds of individuals online are posting their support for the campaign by photographing themselves with open arms as a symbol of welcome and sharing the hashtag #ShareJourney. The campaign will culminate June 20, 2018 with Word Refugee Day and the Caritas Global Week of Actions and Encounters.

In Belgium

In Belgium, dozens of these meetings will also be offered to the public. Sociocultural, sports, and inter-religious events will be held the week of June 20, 2018 at many Caritas reception places in the country.

Caritas International Belgium Launch of the Global Campaign: “Share the Journey”

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