Reception crisis: emergency aid. And tomorrow?

Caritas International Belgium Reception crisis: emergency aid. And tomorrow?
Caritas International Belgium Reception crisis: emergency aid. And tomorrow?

Faced with the current crisis of reception, indifference is not in order! Caritas International is exploring, with its partners and supporters, all possible solutions to welcome and support the most vulnerable refugees in a worthwhile way.

Our organization offers, as soon as possible and as much as possible, a roof and support for single mothers, unaccompanied minors, and families with young children who are waiting to be able to apply for asylum. After a long and painful journey, they are entitled to much more than just a tent in a park.

Dealing with the most urgent cases

In Brussels, near the Maximilian Park, our teams meet families, determine the most vulnerable profiles, and offer accommodation in night reception centers. They also ensure social permanence in the Maximilian Park to ensure that vulnerable profiles get priority registration of their asylum application with the Office des Etrangers. They answer the questions and concerns of each other and offer them assistance in their administrative procedures.

In the rest of the country, in addition to hosting 700 asylum seekers in single-family homes, Caritas International is responding to the humanitarian emergency and is now setting up an emergency reception for some 300 asylum seekers Additional.

Solidarity homeowners house admitted refugees

There are also equally pressing and urgent needs to be felt in the coming weeks when asylum seekers are granted admitted refugee status and will have to find accommodation and employment to begin their integration. Indeed, the integration work of an admitted refugee can only begin when the latter has found adequate and sustainable housing. Thus, they are entitled to the help of the CPAS and can obtain an identity card and enroll in language courses. Unfortunately, it is often extremely difficult for a refugee to obtain a lease. Caritas International supports them in their search for housing.

That is why, together with the solidarity-based owners who have responded to our appeal, we are developing a network of housing units where these admitted refugees can quickly settle. Today, we have already received more than 400 proposals that we are considering. Thank you to all those who have spoken and thank you for your understanding if our answer is sometimes prolonged, we have no choice but to deal with the most urgent and give priority to the proposals that we are able to accept in as soon as possible.

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