The story of Elizabeth Dalumpines

Caritas International Belgium The story of Elizabeth Dalumpines

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Antique : a Farm’s Bounty

‘A simple and contented housewife’. That is how 29 year old Elizabeth Dalumpines would describe herself. As a high school graduate, she says her chances of employment are slim, especially in this trying time. She contents herself staying at home and taking care of their three children. Her husband is a farmer and tends their land.

Even before typhoon Haiyan, Elizabeth already had a small plot in her backyard and most of their large plots were not utilized and barren, but when DSAC (Diocesan Social Action Center) chose her to be one of the beneficiaries of the SALT project, she realized that it is possible to expand the possibilities of the land. She learned how to practice SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology).

She claims that it helped make their life better. Before she only earned around PHP 800 a month, now she earns an average of PHP 2,400 a month just by selling vegetables such as tomatoes, bitter gourd, squash and string beans in the market. Seedlings were also provided by DSAC to plant on their farm. The income she earns she uses to buy grocery items and for the allowance of her eldest child who is in grade one. Elizabeth is now able to go to the market to sell her produce and she already has avid buyers.

“Ginbul an ko man ka savings card ang akon mga kabataan para may diyan man sanda nga sinuptan samtang mga bata pa lamang,” (I enrolled my children with savings cards so that even at an early age they already have their own savings) added Elizabeth. She said that if she has extra income, she takes PHP 50 for each of her children and deposits it in their account. She hopes that one day her children will grow up and still be able to see and witness the bounty of their SALT farm. She also aims to have their house completed since they still do not have their own comfort room and kitchen yet. They are also saving some of the income to build parts of their house.

Elizabeth is grateful to DSAC for their assistance and technical trainings because it made her appreciate and understand better the importance of productive land. Not only did it provide income for them, but it also made her dream big for the future of her family.

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