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Isabel Corthier

Isabel Corthier



Social services for foreign students and interns


Students from developing countries who have a student visa and are enrolled in a Belgian University or higher education.




CAP Brabantia, Caritas International social services

Context: A better future

Education shapes not only an individual’s future, but that of an entire country. Several Caritas projects in Belgium and abroad focus on education, aiming to ultimately offer better prospects for the future.

Here, we focus on students from developing countries who have decided to pursue higher education in Belgium.

Objective: Graduation

In Belgium, these students face several difficulties that sometimes prevent them from completing their studies. These challenges can range from health problems to financial difficulties. Students are often in Belgium alone, without their families, and are unfamiliar with the system. We help them avoid such problems and reflect together about their future in Belgium or their home country.

Activities: Guidance

This service is led by two social workers in charge of processing applications from students. Depending on the applications, they offer:

  • Social support and guidance
  • Administrative assistance with regularization, registering at the commune, enrollment in a university or school of higher education, etc.
  • Redirection towards more specialized organizations, if necessary
  • Support in the students’ various future pursuits

Reintegration of students with a personal project

Among the different forms of support provided, Caritas also proposes a reintegration program for students with personal projects. This is a program reserved for foreign students who wish to return to their countries of origin to carry out their projects.

Within this program, we offer:

  • Support during the planning of the project.
  • The opportunity to begin the project.

Are you a student in need of support?

The social services team (CAP Brabantia – Caritas International branch) organizes daily meetings in Brussels (Monday to Friday, 8:30-15:30). Feel free to make an appointment by phone at 02 229 36 11.

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