Move, to end the detention of migrants

Caritas International Belgium Move, to end the detention of migrants

JRS Belgium

JRS Belgium


The detention of people due to migration must stop! This is the sentiment that inspired the creation of the Move coalition by Caritas International, CIRÉ, JRS Belgium, and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen, supported by many other partners.

Let’s review some facts:

  • In its six detention centers, Belgium detains 6,000 to 8,000 people annually, solely for migration reasons.
  • The detention can last for months. At any moment, the detained individual can be forcibly removed from the country.
  • Undocumented persons live in perpetual fear of being arrested and detained.

Every week, Move coalition (FR/NL) members and partners visit people in detention centers or in “return housing” in order to lend an ear or provide socio-legal help. These meetings also inform the recommendations of our legal and policy officers. Move also aims to better inform the public of what happens in detention centers.
Together, let’s reaffirm the right to freedom.

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