Recovery and resilience building communities in Nepal affected by earthquakes in 2015

Caritas International Belgium Recovery and resilience building communities in Nepal affected by earthquakes in 2015

© Tim Dirven - 1212

© Tim Dirven - 1212



Nuwakot and Rasuwa, Népal




from the 25th of November 2015 to the 25th of April 2017

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This project reaches out to vulnerable communities affected by the earthquake in order to increase their resilience against future disaster by 2017.

Nepal, oktober 2015 Sindupalchowk. Een half jaar na de desastreuze aardbeving van 25 april 2015, ligt de regio nog altijd in puin. De heropbouw laat op zich wachten.


The Phase II Recovery aspect of this project is linked to a longer term development approach which focuses on broader recovery and the full use of the resilience methodology as a learning, planning and implementation tool. Both phases built on Cordaid’s strategy that in disaster prone areas an integrated approach is needed to strengthen resilience in order to reduce risks and build response capacities of local communities as well as authorities for future disasters. The integrated strategy uses a multi-stakeholder approach involving affected communities, local and international civil society organizations, local and international authorities, and the private sector as well as research institutes.


The approach focuses on hazard and local risk conditions, in this case the earthquake, landslides and its impact on the target communities. The resilience building process assumes that all men and women in the community are equally vulnerable to the hazard, what differs within the community is capacity to respond. The communities identify their capacity gaps and priority has been given to those sections of society where resilience is weakest and their ability to bounce back is restricted.


The project reached out to more than 2.800 households in Nuwakot and Rasuwa.

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