Sustainable agriculture and food security in the southern regions

Caritas International Belgium Sustainable agriculture and food security in the southern regions

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5 districts, Damot-Pulasa, Dugna-Fango, Boloso-Sorie et Sud Omo


76,660 €, of which 42,226 € in the first year


3 years : January 2014 to December 2016

Local Partners:

ECC-SACDO (Ethiopian Catholic Church Social & Development Commission), The European Union SHARE program and a consortium with VITA, iDE, and AMREF.

Funds Caritas International:

76,660 €



The project’s objective is to improve the social and economic stability of families affected by the drought in the districts of Wolayta and South Omo, both zones situated in the SNNPR.


The population of SNNPR (Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State) experiences, like numerous other areas in Ethiopia, problems of food insecurity due to the drought and rainfall variability, lack of access of farmers to markets and new agrarian techniques, malaria epidemics or those that devastate crops and herds, population density favoring intensive cultivation and reducing the amount of land available per family, lack of local agrarian organizations, and finally, last but not least, lack of access to medical care, drinkable water and healthy food.

Our activities for this project include:

·         Developing access to water (ponds, wells, pumps)

·         Reinforcing veterinary services

·         Supporting local production and the production of fodder species in high yield

·         Supporting the promotion and functioning of small scale milk collection

·         Promoting income-generating activities outside of farming, in collaboration with the employment creation agency in the village

·         Distributing chicken coops to the poorest families

·         Organizing savings groups, collective loans for women and the youth of the community

·         Improving the quality of seeds

·         Promoting the management of soil fertility and crop production in the dry season


This project has helped 12,000 families in five districts, three districts of which are situated in the zone of Wolayita (Damot-Pulasa, Dugna-Fango and Boloso-Sorie) and two in the southern zone of South Omo.

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