Granting small farms in Dergajen (East Tigray) access to water

Caritas International Belgium Granting small farms in Dergajen (East Tigray) access to water

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Dergajen - Tabia




8 months : from November 2016 to June 2016

Local Partners:

Ethiopian Catholic Social and Development Coordinating Office of Adigrat - branch of Mekelle



Contribution in kind of beneficiaries:


Grant from the Elisabeth and Amélie fund:



This project wishes to cover the lack of water in three villages, which so far have had to get water from their neighbors.


Enderta is one of the districts in East Tigray most prone to droughts. Only 65% of the population here has access to drinkable water and a number of farms have water shortages that affect not only themselves, but their animals as well. Problems are accentuated in the zones where the water sources and wells have dried up.


Among them exists Dergajen Tabia, where drinking water coverage only meets 37% of the water needs of the population. Water scarcity does not allow for proper hygiene nor sustenance for animals. Women and children spend a large amount of time in search of water, having harmful consequences and making it impossible for them to go to work or attend school. The daily consumption of water is estimated at 8 liters/day, less than the 15-liters/day/per person necessary.

Our activities to help these communities include:

·         Construction of a water reservoir of 100 m³, 8 km of pipes, and 4 multiuse faucets

·         Water quality tests

·         Establishing 4 committees of WASH (hygiene and sanitation program)


Through this project, a maintenance development plan helped 521 families (2,853 people) in three villages of Dergajen Tabia.

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