Food Security Project for Cheha Woreda families in the Gurage zone

Caritas International Belgium Food Security Project for Cheha Woreda families in the Gurage zone

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6 communities in Aba'ala Woreda (Afar) and 4 tabias in Enderta Woreda (Tigray)


25,006 €


12 months - November 2015 -> November 2016

Local Partner:

Emdibir Catholic Secretariat (EmCS)


25,006 €



The objective of this project is to help increase the annual wheat and barley production in 272 low-income families and train farmers and extension workers through training on farming techniques and pre- and post-harvest management.



Emdibir, the capital of Gurage Zone in Ethiopia, is located at 185 km south-west of Addis Ababa and the district is densely populated. Major crops grown in the area include maize, teff, wheat, barley, sorghum, beans, peas and potato and many farmers are involved in a mixed farming system using oxen traction.


Most of the households in the district cover only five to six months of their food consumption needs from their own production and about 70% of the households cannot cover their food needs without external support. An important component of households coping strategies is migration: about 33% of the economically active population of the targeted kebele (Moche) currently migrated to neighbouring districts or Addis Ababa to cope with food insecurity. The present project seeks to address food insecurity through increasing agricultural production while promoting gender equity.


Direct beneficiaries of the project are 797 smallholder households of Moche kebele which are categorized as ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’. Female-headed households will be privileged in beneficiary selection. This project also reaches out to 8 240 households living in the region of Enderta-Aba’ala.

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