Caritas International Belgium Work-Cafe
Caritas International Belgium Work-Cafe


Work-café: facilitating job access for admitted refugees.


Liège and Brussels


November 2015 - December 2016


The project targets asylum seeks who have recently obtained status in Belgium (refugee, subsidiary protection, etc) and are beginning their lives in Belgium.


The Work-Café is a space where we support the refugee job-seeker so that he or she can formulate his or her expectations, identify his or her valuable assets on the job market (skills, experience, know-how, etc), define a professional project, contact the training or socio-professional integration organizations, find an internship, and obtain a diploma equivalence if necessary.


In 2013, we conducted research on access to training and employment to the target public (admitted refugees). The results was published under the title: “Refugee ch. job ” (in French).


It was found that, despite the many accompanying services active in this field, there are still serious gaps in the understanding of the functioning of the labor market, the provision of support services, and the way in which to obtain information or assistance in the search of training or employment. Consequently, problems of access to information, opportunities, and non-optimal use of services, exist.


This project aims to promote access to work and training for admitted refugees.


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