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Caritas International Belgium Housing4Refugees and Housing-cafe

Isabel Corthier

Isabel Corthier



Housingcafés and Housing4refugees campaign


The Housing-Cafés are organized in three cities: Brussels, Antwerp and Liège, but with the aim of finding housing all over Belgium.


November 2015 - December 2016


Refugees who have obtained status in Belgium and who have difficulty finding housing.


The aim of the project is to facilitate access for refugees to first find housing on the private market (after obtaining status). On the other hand, the objective of the project is to mobilize solidarity owners and to encourage meeting between refugees and landlords. The Housing-café is also a place of collective awareness: what are the rights and duties of the tenant? How to properly maintain one's dwelling?


The Caritas International Integration Unit supports admitted refugees during the transition period between recognition of their refugee status – the end of material assistance in the host structures – and their first steps in Belgium, often the beginning of the financial assistance granted by the CPAS.

Access to housing is particularly complicated for refugees who have just been admitted: with only two months left to leave the shelter, they are confronted with various obstacles (language barriers, rental guarantee payment, affordable housing shortages, discrimination, etc.). Yet, housing is the sine qua non for starting a life in Belgium.

Caritas International Belgium Housing4Refugees and Housing-cafe
Refugees and volunteers help each other during a housingcafé.



What we do

The Housing-Cafés teams accompany admitted refugees in their search for housing, from the first contact with the owner until the move and the first administrative steps.

Thanks to the “Housing-cafés” and our “solidarity-owners”, we propose a solution to the problem of housing and the difficulties encountered by refugees in finding decent housing. In this way, we encourage the meeting of supply and rental demand.

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