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The "Logis de Louvranges". A home for women and mothers seeking asylum.


Louvranges, Belgium


The project was started in 2010.


21 individual apartments.

Main goals:

The women and their children are hosted in a multiple-unit housing complex where they live in individual apartments: this allows them to enjoy a general degree of privacy, safety and responsibility and allows for the multidisciplinary team to be in the proximity and provide close support. Through an extensive network of partners, ranging from lawyers to psychologists, doctors, police, youth institutions, and many volunteers, a very personalized support is provided to the families.

Rediscovering Serenity

The project helps women regain their self-confidence and self-esteem while empowering and supporting them to act autonomously. On-site and external training are provided in order to further this process (in financial management, language, citizenship, etc.) where the women may also follow professional training.

For women with young children, a day nursery is organized within the facility that enables women to spend time and energy rebuilding themselves professionally or in other realms, while they know their children are looked after.

An adapted and frequent legal support is also provided by a specialized social assistant according to the needs of the person, with the intention to turn the women into the actors/owners of their asylum procedure.

Finally, a full mental and physical health checkup is provided and psycho-social support is accessible in partnership with specialized organizations.

Monitoring and Support

The project derives from the observations made during the implementation of Caritas’ long-term individual accommodation project (since 1999). It was particularly difficult for the team to address gender-based violence issues and respond to the needs of vulnerable women when these women were scattered geographically in individual houses (not to mention when they lived in collective reception centers).

The residents are participating in the development and implementation of the project as they meet regularly with the team to discuss it, and more specifically to address topics linked to the communal life (rules and regulations, child education, safety, use of shared spaces, etc.). Sensitization sessions are also organised based on the needs expressed by the residents. Some residents even take an active role in the preparation and delivery of these sessions.

Last year, a survey of the residents’ demands was conducted. Based on the results, which showed the need to foster a community feeling, they now organise weekly activities which allow them to get to know each other, better communicate with each other, and finally better support each other.

Un moment de détente à Louvranges.
A moment of relaxation in Louvranges.

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