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Vulnerable refugees :


Caritas International assists vulnerable refugees: people with medical or psychosocial problems, single mothers or unaccompanied children. The Integration cell also assists refugees who arrived in Belgium as part of the resettlement programme. These refugees are given the chance – after having lived in refugee camps – to establish a new life in Belgium thanks to the help of our coaches. The coaches ensure that their basic needs are met and, if necessary, they are sent to more specific support services.

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Caritas International Belgium Marwane’s Story

Marwane’s Story

Marwane, 49, risked his life fleeing Syria. He arrived in Belgium hoping his wife and two sons would be able to join him soon after.…

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Caritas International Belgium Rahmat’s Story

Rahmat’s Story

Rahmat’s hospitality is immediately apparent. He serves us chips, speculoos, and a large packet of sugar for the tea he’s steeping directly in the kettle.…

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Hundreds of volunteers refuse to ignore refugees in distress and commit to volunteering with Caritas International. What about you? Do you want to put your skills to work in service of those most in need?

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