For Caritas International, working and living in housing in decent conditions is fondamental.

Integration :


Recognised refugees receive support from our teams in their administrative steps and integration process. We target the vulnerable refugees and refugees who applied for asylum at the airport and received their status during an accelerated procedure in a closed centre or return house.

It is of vital importance for Caritas International to ensure humane conditions for the working and housing environment. Therefore, we regularly organise Housing and Working cafés.

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  • 1.500

    people are dead in sea in a few days (2015)

  • 2.975

    asylum applications have been submitted in July 2015

  • 16.000

    places for collective reception has been found in emergency

Behind each figure, a story

Caritas International Belgium Marwane’s Story

Marwane’s Story

Marwane, 49, risked his life fleeing Syria. He arrived in Belgium hoping his wife and two sons would be able to join him soon after.…

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Caritas International Belgium Rahmat’s Story

Rahmat’s Story

Rahmat’s hospitality is immediately apparent. He serves us chips, speculoos, and a large packet of sugar for the tea he’s steeping directly in the kettle.…

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Caritas International Belgium Nizar’s story

Nizar’s story

A smuggler, a tight deadline, and survival. Those are the words that define Nizar’s family reunification journey. Waiting in the fear of never seeing his loved…

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