Famine in Africa: Aid is Urgent

Famine in South Sudan: Aid is Urgent

Caritas support victims of hurricane Matthew in Haïti


Caritas International and its partners help victims of war, natural disasters and poverty. We offer them indispensable, long-term material and non-material assistance in their country or after they have fled their country. In Belgium we support migrants and refugees by providing them with a humane response, in line with their migration process. We carry out our mission without any form of discrimination.

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  • 26.600

    donors have given us their valuable support.

  • 300

    volunteers gave their time for the reception of asylum seekers.

  • 350.000

    victims of the earthquake in Nepal were able to count on emergency aid from Caritas.

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Hundreds of volunteers say no to indifference to refugees in distress and are committed to Caritas International. And you, you want to work for the most vulnerable?

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